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Extend Your Factory Warranty Now!

Please read the full terms and conditions here.

Dannmar® Product Insurance Plan (PIP):

There’s enough stress in the automotive repair industry without having to worry about repair expenses on your equipment. You owe it to yourself - and your shop, to find out about the Product Insurance Plan.

Standard warranty comes at no charge, just from doing business with Dannmar. The standard warranty covers one-year on parts, and three-years on structure. But these days, many equipment owners want more protection. If just to minimize the risk of doing business.

For a small investment, you can protect your Dannmar equipment by purchasing a Product Insurance Plan. By minimizing repair costs, PIP gives you an extended sense of security and added peace of mind.

Here’s Why it Pays to “PIP”:

• You can extend the factory warranty on parts, labor, and structure for 2 to 3 years• You pay no deductible should your covered equipment require repair
• Labor is covered completely under the Product Insurance Plan* 
• Cover your equipment for the fraction of the cost of buying all new equipment


How does it work?

• You add on to the product warranty, adding 2 or 3 years to the factory warranty, giving it the best warranty in the business: 3 years structure and 3 years parts and labor.* 
• Combine the great quality and price of a Dannmar lift with the peace of mind of the product insurance plan for the best value on the market today

Why buy a product insurance plan?

• To protect your product from regular wear & tear
• Extends the manufacturer’s warranty
• Removes worry of paying for labor/parts
• Peace of mind
• The cost of a service call could potentially pay for the entire product insurance plan by itself
• The Product Insurance Plan makes the Dannmar products have the uncontested best warranty in the industry
• Not only does it protect the customer, but you make profit as well off of the Product Insurance Plan

The average cost of repair:

• Power Unit: Up to or over $550.00
• Cylinders: Up to or over $327.00
• Average labor cost: around $175Cost of 2-year warranty on $3000.00 unit is only $299.99.
• One replaced cylinder (most lifts have multiple cylinders) already pays for the PIP by itself
• Give your customers extra peace-of-mind with the product insurance plan
• Just about any regular wear-and-tear item will pay for itself with the Product Insurance Plan
• The other main benefit is that you get years on top of the factory warranty, so it goes far beyond what any competitor is offering

Product Insurance Plan (PIP) FAQ’s

Q. How much does Protection Insurance Plan coverage cost?
A. The cost of a PIP varies both by machine type and length of coverage desired*. Your Dannmar dealer can advise you on the cost of the Product Insurance Plan you are interested in.

Q. Who do I contact and where do I go to get extended warranty service?
A. Simply contact the Dannmar dealer you purchased from or contact Dannmar Inc. directly at 877-432-6627.

Q. What will the company do if the product fails?
A. Dannmar will repair or replace any part or component that fails because of defects in materials or workmanship at the sole discretion of Dannmar Inc.

Q. Which machine components are not covered by PIP?
A. All Dannmar products and components are covered by the Product Insurance Plan purchased for that equipment.

Q. Are there any conditions or limitations on the PIP? 
A. Product Insurance Plan customers are required to perform maintenance on the covered machine at regular intervals as described in the user manual of each product. Also, Dannmar will not be liable for any damage to the machine caused by the use of non-Dannmar factory recommended components.

*Certain restrictions may apply, contact a Dannmar representative today for more details regarding coverage and cost.

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