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Specialty Lifts

Need more space in your garage? Consider Dannmar Equipment's specialty lift models. They're affordable, but don't mistake these auto lifts for being cheap. They're engineered from the ground up to be durable and reliable. Each lift is perfect for repairing, examining, and replacing parts for your vehicle.

Dannmar currently has two models to choose from. Please contact our sales department at anytime if you have any questions relating to the products you see below. They can be contacted by using our Contact Us form or simply calling 1-877-432-6627.

  1. Dannmar SX-6/XL Scissor Lift



    The SX-6 features a portable power unit and cart, a pull-lever safety release, safety pads and adapters. Designed specifically to engage a vehicle’s frame, the SX-6 offers a seamless lifting experience, regardless of whether you’re servicing a car or a light truck.

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